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The Eyre Affair or Thursday Next, A Bad-Ass!

Did you ever want to jump into a book and meet your favorite characters? Meet a 1980's alternate reality where that very scenario happens to LiteraTec, Thursday Next. Not only is there book travel, there's time travel, crazy inventions, dodos, and Will Speak machines that quote William Shakespear.

This reality is centered around books being the most important aspects of this world. Authors are revered, books are forged, and people are named after famous authors and characters. It's a reality I would love to live in!

Thursday's job is to protect literary works. She's the one you go to when you think you have an authentic or forged copy of a famous book. She will argue who Shakespear really was and then go round after round with her superiors if she thinks they are wrong.

She is pulled into a case where Jane Eyre is snatched out of her book into the "real" world. She must stop Acheron Hades from killing Jane. But wait, if you even whisper his name miles away, he can hear you. This madman can evade the law, make you shoot yourself, and change his appearance just to name a few. Meanwhile, her genius uncle has invented bookworms that can be dropped into a book and allows the reader to enter the book. He also invented a machine that makes you forget, at least, he thinks he did. He can't remember.

While all of this is going on, Thursday has to decide what to do with her feelings for Landen, to whom she was engaged to 10 years before. Thursday, Landen, and her brother, Anton, were all in the military. Anton was killed and Landen blamed him for the deaths of the other officers that were with him that day. She can't forgive Landen, but she still loves him.

Thursday is a kick-ass, take no prisoners, intelligent, loyal character that I would love to meet in real life. This book is for all those out there who truly love books and losing yourself in the stories they hold.

Bonus, there are many Thursday Next stories that have been written by Jasper FForde and they are awesome!

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