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Talking Points for Your Book Club


Grey Bees

1. What was the “grey zone” where Sergeyich lived?
2. Why was his relationship with Pashka so important?
3. Petro is a soldier, but we don’t know which side he is on. Why do you think he is interested in Sergeyich?
4. His wife and daughter were no longer in his life. What was the reason or reasons for their separation?
5. Why do you think Gayla attached herself to Sergeyich?
6. Why do you think Gayla didn’t have a partner before Sergeyich came along?
7. Do you know what a Tatar is?
8. Is there any way we can apply this book to us?
9. What did you think of the book overall?
10. Finally, why do you think Sergeyich switched the names of the roads where he and Pashka lived?

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The Department of Sensitive Crimes

1. Why does Ulf Varg need to be in therapy?

2. What do you think the chapter headed “A Very Low Crime” means?

3. How do you feel about Bim, Signe, and Matilda’s friendship?

4. Do you think Bim’s upbringing had anything to do with why she did what she did?

5.  Do you feel sorry for Hampus? Do you think it justified what he did?

6. Do you really think Balster is a werewolf?

7. What about the relationship between Ulf and Anna? Does Anna have feelings for Ulf?

8. What’s your opinion on Blomquist?

9. Do you think it’s possible to teach a dog to read lips like Ulf taught Martin?

10. Did you like the book?


The Cuckoos Calling

  1. Strike’s first impression of Robin is amazement. Why?

  2. Why is Strike not worried about the death threats he receives at least once a week?

  3. As the story unfolds, Robin’s boyfriend becomes increasingly unhappy with her job. What do you think is causing this reaction?

  4. Do you think Guy Some really loved Lulu or just loved the money she made him?

  5. Was Tansy Bestigui a credible witness?

  6. Why did the uncle, Tony, not like Lulu?

  7. Do you think Robin is a good sidekick for Strike’s character?

  8. What was your impression on the boyfriend, Duffield?

  9. Why do you think the author made Strike’s character an amputee?

  10. The way the book was written, was the end believable?

Talking Points for Book Club: News

Moonflower Murders

  1. Why is Susan so exhausted running the Polydorus?

  2. The Trehernes think Susan can solve the problem of Cecily’s disappearance. Why?

  3. What is your impression of Lisa Terherne when you’re first introduced to her?

  4. Susan meets a lot of different people during her investigation. Did you think Martin and Joanne Williams were significant at first glance?

  5. In the Atticus Pund Takes the Case story, did you recognize any of the characters as belonging to the Terherne family members, or the employees, or other supporting characters?

  6. After reading the Atticus Pund Takes the Case story, did you figure out that Stefan Codresu was innocent? If so, what gave it away?

  7. After Susan wrote down her list of suspects and compared them to the characters in the book, did that help you in determining who was the likely guilty party?

  8. Going back a bit, do you think Sajid Khan, the solicitor, was in any way helpful in solving Cecily’s disappearance, or was it just so Susan could have a personal life regarding her sister?

  9. Did you have any clue as to who was behind Cecliy’s disappearance?

  10. Did you like the concept of a mystery book in a mystery?


LIly and the Octopus

  1. What the heck is the octopus on Lily’s face?

  2. Ted has lots of conversations with Lily. Do you think this is normal behavior?

  3. Lily had surgery due to a ruptured disc. With the cost and emotional toll, do you agree with Ted on his decision?

  4. After the surgery, the amount of care Lily required, would you be able to do that for you beloved dog?

  5. With the new threat, the octopus, do you think Ted is thinking clearly?

  6. Do you think Jenny is helping Ted?

  7. When Ted and Lily go to sea, what do you think was actually going on and where did they go?

  8. When Ted finally decides to take care of the octopus, what do you think pushed him to finally act?

  9. What do you think Ted learned from Lily?

  10. How badly did you cry while reading this book and especially at the end?


The Outsider

  1. The beginning of the story starts off with interviews and what is happening at the present time. Did you like being introduced to the plot and several of the main characters this way?

  2. Frank Peterson is the reason for the public arrest. Why doesn’t King go into more detail about him?

  3. Do you think Terry was guilty? If ss, why? If not, why?

  4. Should June Gibson have interfered with Fred Peterson’s suicide?

  5. What is your impression of Holly Gibney?

  6. Okay, let’s talk about Jack Hoskins. Why did the Outsider pick him?

  7. Do you think Claude Bolton was chosen on purpose or do you think if the Outsider knew he was going to be in Texas, he would’ve picked someone else?

  8. What do you think really happened to the boys that got lost in the Marysville Hole?

  9. Guillermo Del Toro wrote the book, The Strain. The vampires in that book were full of little worms. Do you think King was paying homage to Del Toro by making the Outsider full of worms?

  10. The Outsider seemed very interested to know if Holly had seen others like him. Why do you think?

Talking Points for Book Club: News
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