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I wanted to start out by telling you my journey to this point, but I don't like the word journey. Everyone seems to use that word these days. But really, that's what it's been.

I've loved books since I was a very small girl. Don't laugh too hard at my ridiculous curly hair! My sister and I would sit and listen to my mother read so many different stories. I'm sure many of you have similar stories where someone who loved you

read to you when you were a child. One of my favorites my mother read to me was The Hobbit! I've been hooked on books since!!!

Fast forward many MANY years later and we have something called the internet. What?! This wonderful invention brings the world to our home! It's amazing! With this invention, comes along social media. And this is where I drew the line. I could not stand social media.

I remember the first time I saw an advertisement and they added their website. Huh? I laughed and thought this won't go anywhere. WRONG! For 15 years I owned my own business and had (forced) to create my online presence. I had office staff that took care of that so I wouldn't have to have anything to do with the dreaded social media. I told everyone that I could that I didn't succumb to the social media platforms out there. Geez!

Well then something happened. Our country and world experience a PANDEMIC! So still being a business owner, I started back to school. Since I was stuck at home, why not finish my Associates, yes you heard me, Degree. While I was schooling it, I was also trying to keep my business afloat. By the middle of 2021, I was pooped! I remember telling my husband, I can't keep this up and I need out.

By October, I had turned everything over to another business owner and friend. And he in turn, asked if I would be willing to work for him as his marketing and networking manager. I said yes and then realized, oh no I have to learn social media!!!! This turned my world upside down!

I have 2 daughters. My oldest has grown up with the internet, but it wasn't prominent in everyday living until she was about 9. My youngest doesn't know a world without the internet and everything online. They have had their social media outlets for a while and love them. Whereas, I did not. But by December of 2021, I was all over social media due to work. I remembering telling others in our corporation, how the heck do I "DO" social media? And then I thought, I'm just gonna be me for our business pages. It worked. Many others are following and copying I might add, what I do. Because I've become fairly decent at building an online presence for my company, why can't I do it personally on a subject I'm passionate about? BOOKS

Well, this is where I am and I'm hoping you will join me on this journey, (?) escape, retreat, or whatever you want to call it, into the spellbinding world of books! Please email me and/or leave your thoughts on the books you've read or use the chat button. I will answer you as soon as I can!


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