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The Outsider by Stephen King

I really liked this book. I especially liked in the beginning; King starts with interviews. It whetted my appetite for more description and information on what happened to Frank. Holly Gibney is one of my favorite King characters. From the onset, I was waiting, impatiently I might add, for her appearance. But once she showed up, I realized, I liked the build up to her part in the book.
Ralph Anderson’s character was great because he didn’t believe at first. I think many people wouldn’t believe in supernatural “things”. It would take a lot of convincing or they may never believe. Ralph had an open mind and I liked that about him. I also like his wife and how she encouraged him and also believed right away in the Outsider. She didn’t try and talk herself into “normal” thinking after she was confronted by the Outsider.
As for the Outsider, he wasn’t described to much so a lot of the readers imagination had to be called upon. You may disagree, but I think maybe King did that on purpose. I always recommend Stephen King books! 4 ½ wands!

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Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley

I have dachshunds so this is really why I read this book. I put myself in Ted’s shoes and literally cried through the whole book! Ted takes wonderful care of Lily, but it pissed me off that he took so long to do something about the “octopus”! I don’t believe Lily was in pain but letting her possibly suffer was so upsetting to me! And, if I’m completely honest, what was up with the whole going to the sea? If anyone can explain that to me, please do!    4 wands

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Moonflower Murders by Susan Ryeland

This is the 2nd in the Susan Ryeland series or book-in-a-book series. I can’t say enough about this book! What I love is getting caught up in the “real” story and then losing myself in the book Susan is reading. I forget there’s an actual story about Susan going on. 
A reader gets 2 great stories in one and 2 mysteries in one! Horowitz does a wonderful job fitting the 2 stories into 1 by mystery. I will say, Susan, the character, does grate on my nerves, but she is determined and logical. She also seems to have an awesome partner, Andreas! 5 wands

A's Thoughts: Welcome
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